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Ellis Album, Photo 52 – Florence Storey

STOREY, Florence
Florence Storey

Isn’t this portrait lovely?  I feel like I say that a lot.  But man, this album is just filled to the brim with lovely portraits in excellent condition.

This beautiful woman is Florence.  She is my 1st cousin twice removed.  Until I scanned her photo, I had never heard of her.  But it turns out I have two connections to her.

The creator of this album is my great-grandmother Blanche Octavia Huband.  My great-grandfather, and husband of Blanche, is Claude Albert Ellis.  Florence is the daughter of Claude’s older sister Alice Eliza Ellis.  Florence married Joseph Cheney Willis.  Joseph is my 1st cousin three times removed.  He is the first cousin of Blanche.  His mother is Louise Delina Cheney, sister of Hattie Margaret Cheney.  Hattie is Blanche’s mother.  Phew!  Did you follow that okay?



This photo comes from the twenty-seventh page of the album.  Here are pages twenty-six and twenty-seven to give context for this photo:


This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.



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    1. This is getting spooky. So often i’m finding myself scrolling down to post a comment, only to find i’m going to say the same thing as Amy. 😀

  1. Yes we are related to Florence on Daddy’s side (Claude Ellis) and her husband Cheney on Mama (Blanche’s) side. So I guess “double relatives” maybe you could call it.

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