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Photograph Showcase: 42 Years of Happy

Claude and Blanche Ellis

These are my great grandparents Claude Albert Ellis and Blanche Octavia Huband.

The date stamp on the back of the photo reads 9 December 1959.  They had just celebrated their 42nd anniversary on the 22nd of November.  I wonder if the date was the date of printing and this photo was taken in honor of their anniversary?  Either way it’s a lovely portrait of my lovely, happy great grandparents.

Claude is the son of Frederick William Ellis and Susan Kaziah Davis.  Blanche is the daughter of Heber Albert Huband and Hattie Margaret Cheney.

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    1. I am really fortunate to have it. I posted a while back that I was given all of my Grandma’s boxes – and it’s a lot of really big boxes. This is one of the photos that was in those boxes. I’m going to be scanning and organizing for a long time.

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