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Photograph Showcase: James Young in Kilts

James Young in kilts
James Young (1876-1945)

James Young is my 2nd great grandfather.  He was born in Scotland and immigrated to America between 1907 and 1910.  This photograph was taken in Scotland sometime before he left.  I LOVE the details in this photo and cherish its special place atop my piano.

James’ grandson, Gregg Young, shared this photo with me along with the following information:

“According to Mary Young Costello and Andrew Young, this picture is of James Young in his kilts. He was in the Highland regiment, Black Watch and was a bagpiper. I believe that he (or his father) spent some time in India. Both my Dad (Andrew Young) and Mary talked of him bringing back three items: an ostrich feather, a gold Indian rupee and (unfortunately) I can’t remember the third item. There was lots of jealousy between my Dad and my Aunt Mary. They both were very much alike and, like similar poles of a magnet repel, they had their moments. Each wanted to own the feather and the rupee. My Dad had an ostrich feather but only the ostrich feather. He believed Mary had the rupee. But both would deny to the other that they had any of the treasures.”


Happy Thursday, I hope you preserve and share a precious family photo today!



14 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: James Young in Kilts”

  1. Wonderful photo of him dressed in his kilt and holding a bagpipe. And that story of them fighting over the feather and the rupee is precious (and so typical).

  2. What a treasure. We really enjoyed the play “Black Watch” when it came to San Francisco. If you ever get the chance, do go. It does a great job telling the long history of those soldiers.

  3. That’s a beautiful, clear photograph. It does not look like it is over 100 years old. It has clearly been lovingly treasured.

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