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Photograph Showcase: Fixing the Sink

Grandpa Duval & Uncle Craig
Grandpa Duval & Uncle Craig

This is my great grandfather, Frank Duval and his grandson, my Uncle Craig.  My great grandfather was a hard worker and an excellent do-it-yourselfer.  I imagine there were lots of moments like this one with Grandpa Duval inviting his children or grandchildren to help him with a project.  His descendants include quite a few do-it-yourselfers – I don’t think that is a coincidence.

I wonder where this bathroom was…?

11 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Fixing the Sink”

  1. What a great photo. It has many levels of value. Not only for the family relationships. The world of that time and everyday life comes through. Did your Great Grandfather do work for others as a handyman? The bathroom in this photo could have been at a local restaurant or coffee shop? Or else, did you have a relative that had the means for a double sink? I remember that as a feature of homes in Long Island where relatives went to live when they moved into the ranks of the upper middle class.

    1. Thank you! My great grandpa did a little of everything. If this is a sink in his own home I wouldn’t be surprised but I don’t recognize the bathroom. Of course this was two decades before my birth and could be a bathroom I am familiar with after a few remodels. I’m not sure. I need to ask my mom, she’ll probably know. 🙂

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