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Photograph Showcase: Christmas 1952


COSTELLO Christmas, 25 December 1952
25 December 1952, from l-r:  Uncle Frank (barely peeking out), Auntie V, Grandma Deane holding Uncle C.

I love this adorable Christmas photo!


There is just so much to love about it.  The little Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the center of the room may be my favorite part.  It’s so perfect for my sweet little Auntie V to help decorate and enjoy.  But then there is my Grandma, squatting down, wearing peep-toe heels, holding a baby and somehow keeping her balance.  And what about that strand of pearls?  This may be the only time I’ve ever seen her wearing a strand of pearls.  My Grandma was more the hunting and fishing type.  I also love the ball toy.  My own children had two different updated versions of this same toy.  And of course, that hobby horse is fantastic!  One last little gem to point out is Grandma’s only sibling peeking in just a tiny bit from the left.

Do you have any favorite family Christmas photos?



And just for fun – here is the original scan before I worked a little PhotoShop magic:


I straightened, cropped, edited out dust and adhesive residue, and repaired the portions that were torn away by tape.  I prefer to remove distractions from old photos.  How do you feel about editing old photos?



17 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Christmas 1952”

  1. What a gorgeous photo! It is obviously candid, but really well composed and captures everyone so beautifully (except Frank)! I think I mentioned I got the boy-child on the job restoring our family photos. I’m so impressed by what he’s done. I’m a total convert. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Su! It does seem candid, my sweet little aunt is definitely candid and Uncle Frank, but my great-grandma was really into staging candid shots. So… I wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually staged to look candid. Haha!

      Here’s an example of her staging candid shots and using a tri-pod:

      Don’t get me wrong, she was masterful! I do wonder if Uncle Frank was so interested in his niece that he accidentally “nosed” his way in when he wasn’t supposed to be in-camera. 😉

      Yes, you did mention that. I’m glad he is doing such a great job for you! I hope you will show off some his great work. <3

        1. Thank you, Su! It’s one of my favorites.

          I can’t believe I am so far behind… I knew I hadn’t responded to comment in a while, but I didn’t realize I was approaching a monther! 😳 The last month has just zipped by!

          1. I know the feeling. And of course it’s summer here, so the outdoors is constantly beckoning. Well, at least until evening when the bugs come out to play 🙂

  2. Oh, dear, so many questions! What is a Charlie Brown Christmas tree? I don’t see the Peanuts characters anywhere. And where is Uncle Frank?? I can’t find him!

    It is such a lovely classic photo—1950s? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Amy! 1952. Uncle Frank is just showing his nose, brow, forehead and a bit of dark hair in the upper right above the hobby horse.

      As for the Charlie Brown Christmas tree… I’m guessing you haven’t watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special? In it, Charlie Brown finds a raggedy, tiny little tree to decorate. The phrase is frequently used to refer to small or misshapen trees – but it is generally used with affection because Charlie Brown loved his tiny, more natural looking tree.

      I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Hanukkah with your loved ones! <3

      1. Thanks for explaining—I have seen the Charlie Brown Christmas special, but have never heard that term!

        Now I have to go see if I can find Frank.

  3. How neat to have the Christmas tree in the middle of the room! It seems all of the decorations are childproof without any glass ones and ready for little fingers to touch. We often had Charlie Brown trees bought on Christmas Eve or chopped down. I actually love old vintage photos without corrections, but you did a masterful job with your restoration!

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