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Photograph Showcase: My Grandma, the Rescue Diver

DUVAL, Deane, diving on Cd'Alene Lake - edited
Deane Alice Duval, Lake Coeur d’Alene


My Grandma was a rescue diver.

Her first name was Deane.  When she applied, on paper, they assumed she was a man.  She was more than qualified for this volunteer position so the position was offered.  When she showed up to start, they turned her away because she was a woman.  Her father walked her right back in and demanded that they honor their offer.  And they did.

She rescued people from the Spokane River, the various lakes around Spokane, and regularly volunteered at the hydroplane races.  She served in this way for years.

She told me that she quit the day she was working the hydroplane races and her team was closest to a fiery crash.  Her oldest son, my Uncle C, was on her team.  She couldn’t send him in.  That was when she knew she was a liability as long as they were diving together.  But she didn’t want him on someone else’s team either, so after many years of rescue diving, she gave it up to protect her own son.

My Grandma was a rescue diver.

That sentence never ceases to amaze me.



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ps – This, and many other stories were told to me by my Grandma.  I recorded her sharing these details but cannot find the SD card.  Sadly, this information now lives only in my memory of the telling.