Photograph Showcase: A Sneaky Photo for a son in the Army



COTELLO, John, 1940s, sent to Dan in the Army

John Costello, 1940s, photo sent to son Dan who was serving in the Army.


This photo of my great grandfather, John Costello, was sent to his son Dan while Dan was serving in the Army during WWII.  John didn’t like to have his photo taken.  Apparently, he also didn’t like his photo shared.

There are two notes on the back of this photo written by two different women at two different times.

COTELLO, John, 1940s, sent to Dan in the Army - photo back

The first note was written by John’s wife, Mary Brown Young, and reads:

“Dad would Have a fit if he knew I was sending you this picture.  But it was the best of Him.  see your Garage?”

The second note was written later by Dan’s wife, my Grand Aunt Barbara, and reads:


Dan asked for pictures of his Mom & Dad, when he was in the army”


I so am glad that Uncle Dan asked for photos!  That request meant that this photo stayed with Dan & Barbara and made its way to me.  It is one of so very few photos of John Costello.  I treasure each one.


ps – I love the hat!  How about you?



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12 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: A Sneaky Photo for a son in the Army

  1. Was your Great Grandfather Costello in the service? For some reason that is what I think when I see the hat.

  2. I wonder why he hated having his picture taken and shared. Did he not like his looks or was he hiding something? I am glad you have this photo and perhaps even more so the note on the back, which is so revealing about the personalities in the family.

  3. I want to know about Dan’s garage and I thought John’s hat looked like a policemen’s cap.

  4. I enjoy everything on your blog. Everything! I am 55% Italian so Grandpa Costello interested me, too. I hadn’t seen anything from you in quite awhile & thought I’d lost you.

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