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Photograph Showcase: Sisters

Hi & Estelle Maffit
Hi & Estelle Maffit

I love this photo of my great grandmother Estelle and her sister Hilan.  You can tell they were very close.  Hi was four years older than Estelle.  They grew up in Montana in a large family.  This photo was probably taken in the late 20s.  I wish I could pop into the picture for a minute and have them tell me a few of their sister secrets.  Maybe I could get Hi to teach me how to put those beautiful waves in my hair and we could all giggle together for a minute or two.

9 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Sisters”

  1. This is just the most beautiful photo. I don’t have sisters so don’t know that bond, but I see it in photos of my own mother and her (many) sisters. A wonderful treasure and I’m so pleased you have it.

      1. Four; but two have died. She has one much older brother too, and she’s the fifth of six kids. She recently gave me a stash of photos of her and various sisters when they were kids/teenagers. It’s lovely to see the girls together, happy. My experience of them as adults is that they were often at war with one another and there were always shifting alliances. I was never sure at any one time which auntie we weren’t talking to!

          1. Especially as they got older; and my grandmother liked to stir things up a bit too, which helped a lot (NOT!)

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