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Photograph Showcase: Cool Uncle Dan


COSTELLO, Dan, June 1957 in Cheney
Daniel Ramon Costello, June 1957, Cheney


Have you ever come across an old family photo that just reaches out and grabs your attention in a special way?  This photo does that for me.  There is just something about it that I really love.  I’m sure part of it is the family resemblances I see, part of it is how casual and comfortable Uncle Dan looks, and part of it is that the photo is just really cool.

I’m so happy that Aunt Barbara pulled it out on my recent visit!



Daniel Ramon Costello is my granduncle, son of my great grandparents John Costello & Mary Brown Young.


Happy Thursday, I hope you come across an old family photo that reaches out and grabs your attention in a special way this week!  xoxo



ps – I photographed this photo using my new ShotBox.  I really need to write up a post about that gem.  It is so handy!






10 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Cool Uncle Dan”

  1. What a great photo! Was it taken by your photographer grandmother? (Or was it great-grandmother?) And what do you know about his ring? Was this in the 1950s or early 1960s? He has a sort of James Dean look to him.

    1. Thank you, Amy! It was not taken by my photographer great-grandmother. I think it was just a snapshot. I asked Aunt Barbara about the ring and she said that it was just a turquoise ring that he liked. I was wondering if it was a family ring when I first noticed it. I’m glad I thought to ask!

  2. Love this photo! I have one of my Dad in his early 20s that does the same thing for me….just something so cool about the photo. Thanks for sharing your very cool Uncle Dan!

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