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genbank-logo is a new favorite website of mine.  I’ve been using it for about a year.  It’s collection includes historical newspapers, the social security death index, recent newspapers, historical documents, historical books and so on.  The records I search for most frequently are recent obituaries – within the last 30 years.  I have had some excellent luck finding obituaries filled with clues that led me to other records.

I also have a subscription to  The two websites have some overlap but most of the time I find items on one website or the other but not both.

Genealogybank is very user friendly.  Items load quickly and are easy to navigate.  This is a very well run website.

If you are looking for clues about a relative who died within the last 30 years I would definitely give genealogybank a try.  They offer a one month trial for $9.95.  A bargain!

Below is one of my favorite finds, an obituary for a long lost cousin.  I wrote about finding her here.

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 2.54.59 PM

Give a try.  Let me know if it helps your research!

Author: thegenealogygirl

I'm a girl who loves genealogy. Let me tell you about it.

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