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Photograph Showcase: A boy and his toys

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This photo was taken in January of 1948.  The boy is my grand uncle Frank who seems very content playing with his erector sets.  I love the details of the room – the pretty rug, the piano, the two chairs, and the seemingly home made wooden chest beside my Uncle Frank.

6 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: A boy and his toys”

  1. This could have been a picture of me….well, not 1948! 1958 maybe!! Thinking back to some of the toys we took for granted as children are now “collector’s items”! I still have a double barreled shotgun from my youth. It’s only about 18″ long and it only shoots corks. Now that I think of it, I only shot them at my older sister until i got caught!

    1. I’m chuckling right now. It sounds like you were a perfectly normal boy. I have three boys myself and shooting corks at each other would be their preference over shooting corks at a target.

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