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Photograph Showcase: My Darling Grandmother

ELLIS, Margaret, age 10 looking over shoulder - smaller
Mary Margaret Ellis, age 10

I love everything about this sweet photograph.  The details on the dress, the cute pose, my Grandma’s ringlets, her lovely smile, the flowers in her hair, and mostly her eyes.  Those beautiful eyes that I remember so well.

A nice original print of this photo has been prominently displayed in my Uncle’s home for years.  It is housed in a beautiful oval frame and greets you as you walk into the main part of their home.  I have often considered asking to scan it but never did because oval photos are a pain to deal with.  Well, a few weeks ago I discovered this print in the many boxes I received.  It was happily still a rectangle.  I scanned it last week and have been enjoying it ever since.  Happy, happy day!!

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    1. I also posted it on Facebook and one of my friends said that as well. I have a cousin who is the spitting image of her so it’s hard for me to see myself in her because of that. But when I forget about Joelle and just look at her features separately I do see things in common. I think she is so beautiful so thank you for the nice compliment!

      1. It’s funny how sometimes it takes others to see resemblance that we can’t. The photo of your grandmother is beautiful. There is an energy and a joyfulness there that I see in your portrait too.

  1. What a gorgeous photo! And how wonderful you found a print that was easy to scan and display 🙂 Seems to be the week for writing about grandmothers – I blogged about mine on Thursday!!

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