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Photograph Showcase: One of My Favorite Ladies

Mary Margaret Ellis
Mary Margaret Ellis

This beauty is my grandmother.  I miss her.  She was kind, lovely, happy, thoughtful, sensitive, talented, and one of the greatest women I have ever known.  She loved me and I never doubted it for a second.  It is a privilege to be her granddaughter.

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  1. And you are one quarter her: you carry within yourself part of her genes and part of her personality. And you’ll pass all those good things along to your children. Did she have a chance to meet your kids?

    1. Thank you. She did meet my older two but she died ten years ago so she missed out on meeting my youngest. I have some darling photos of her with my 12 year old that are from our last visit to her home. We did see her again after that but it was at my aunt and uncle’s home.

      1. Oh that’s so cool. Love when relatives that far apart get to see each other. I still remember my maternal g-grandpa, a treasured memory for me.

        1. I agree. My husband is the oldest of the oldest of the oldest on both lines so he had a ridiculous number of grandparents when he was born – something in the teens, a few were great greats. His great grandpa died when our second son was about five, so my kids knew him. Their great great grandpa. So cool!

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