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Photograph Showcase: Hand Painted With Love

Francis Henry Duval
Francis Henry Duval

Lately I’ve been sharing a lot of photos from my Dad’s side of the family.  Today I thought I would bounce back over to my Mom’s side.

This is my Mom’s Grandpa – Francis Henry Duval.  The photo was taken and then hand painted with oil paints by his wife Estelle, my great grandmother.  She was very talented.  I love looking at her work.

13 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Hand Painted With Love”

  1. I have a hand coloured photo of my mum as a child which is rather garish. Your gt grandma has been very subtle in her use of colour and created a beautiful picture.

    1. Thank you Cathy! She was rather talented and tasteful. I have dozens of photos she hand colored. Some of the early ones are rather bright and garish but she quickly improved. 🙂

  2. Hi Amberly, my folks have a very large portrait that she painted of us three kids, I am probably 4 in it. I wonder how long it took her to paint it? Grandpa looks very serious in this one. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Heather! I have wondered the same. Her details are so meticulous I can’t imagine it was a fast process especially for the large photos. I agree, he does look serious. She must have liked this one though because she colored the whole thing. I hope you are well!

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