Photograph Showcase: Peterson Home


PETERSON, Rulon & Naomi's home

Rulon & Naomi Peterson family home

PETERSON, Rulon & Naomi's home with color edits

Rulon & Naomi Peterson family home with a few edits

This is the home the Rulon & Naomi Peterson family were living in at the time of Darrell’s death.  It is located in Roy, Weber, Utah.

In the history of Naomi that was compiled by her oldest daughter Janice, Janice captioned photos of this home with this statement, “A lot of good memories were made in this home.”

It looks like a happy, well cared for place.

I tried to bring the colors back to a truer version but this was a close as I could get.

When I come across photos of ancestral homes – even in the recent past – it makes me realize I don’t take photos of my home nearly often enough.


Have you photographed your home lately?

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5 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Peterson Home

  1. When we were moving from the house where we raised our children and lived for 25 years, I realized that we had very few pictures of the house (thought lots taken in various rooms of the house). Fortunately, our broker had taken many for the listing, and I asked her to send them to me. Funny the things we don’t think about until it’s (almost) too late.

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  2. I think you did a swell job with restoration here. Looks like an old Kodacolor print? What software did you use?

    No, I haven’t taken much of the houses I’ve lived in. A good thought to do so. ☺

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