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Photograph Showcase: Semper Paratus

Frank & Frank Duval, November 1954
Frank & Frank Duval, November 1954

This is my great grandfather and his son Frank who joined the Coast Guard.  The Coast Guard motto is ‘Semper Paratus‘, meaning Always Ready.  I should interview Uncle Frank and find out about his time in the Coast Guard.  I wonder how long he served, where he served, if he enjoyed it, and what cool/scary/funny stories he could tell me.  I have an interview brewing in my head right now all because of this photo!

7 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Semper Paratus”

  1. The photo is wonderful. Your great grandfather and his son look so similar to each other, and their facial expressions are wonderful–pride on your great grandfathers face, and a bit of apprehension on his son’s face.

  2. Don’t wait. Do it. How I wish I could interview my now deceased family members about not only their military service, but their lives.

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