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Photograph Showcase: Three Guardian Angels (edited)

Oh JOY!  I found a better copy!!  Great Grandmas – Mary Jo Shumway, Deane Alice Duval, & Charlotte Whitesides
Great Grandmas – Mary Jo Shumway, Deane Alice Duval, & Charlotte Whitesides


That wee little chap up there is my amazing oldest.  A few months after he was finally home from the NICU, we had a family gathering all about him in Lewiston, Idaho.  Those lovely ladies with him are three of his great-grandmothers who traveled from Star Valley, Wyoming, Kaysville, Utah, & Spokane, Washington to join us that day.

Now that boy of mine is nearly twenty and serving an LDS mission in South Carolina.  He has been gone for 20 months & 2 days.  He will be home this August.

Four months after my son left, Grandma Mary Jo passed peacefully in a nursing home from Alzheimer’s.  Nine months after that, Grandma Deane passed peacefully at home from Leukemia.  And then on Tuesday, Grandma Charlotte passed peacefully in a care center from Liver Cancer.

And so, that amazing boy of mine has gained three guardian angels who have loved him his whole life long.  I can’t think of three women I would trust more to watch over my boy.



Do you have a living grandparent?  If so, call them today.  If you are the living grandparent, reach out to your precious grandbabies today.  That link is so precious.  ❤️



14 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Three Guardian Angels (edited)”

  1. Wonderful photo. How many of us have a photograph of three of our four great-grandmothers—together? But am I reading this correctly—that one just died this week? I am so sorry for your loss. It’s hard to imagine that your children had a great-grandmother who lived to know at least the oldest as an adult.

    1. Yes. Grandma Charlotte just died on Tuesday.
      Thank you, she lived the closest, so we spent the most time with her. Plus she was a happy, go-getter and lots of fun to be around. We will miss her.

      I certainly don’t have a photo like that of myself. It really is a special circumstance. I am the oldest, so is my husband. He is also the oldest child of the oldest child (on both his mom and dad’s sides). He had three great-grandparents who were alive until after his 20th birthday. (I had two great-grandparents who were alive until I was in college, one passed when I was 19, the other when I was 20.) When he was born, all four grandparents were alive, 6 great-grandparents were alive, and 2 great-great-grandparents were alive. Can you imagine? Very cool.

      1. Wow! How old were these great-grandparents when he and you were born? I figure I will be at least 85 when I become a great-grandparent, probably more like 90, if I live that long. No way I will live to see a great-grandchild as a teenager….

        1. Mine were all born between 1890-1913. The two that were alive when I was in college were born in 1901 & 1903. But all that were alive when I was born (in the mid 70s) were born in: 1890, 1895, 1901, 1903, 1903, 1913.

          For my husband, his were born between 1888 – 1914.

          Crazy, right?!

          1. So the two who were alive when you were in college were in their 90s or so? Wow, that’s incredible! I hope you asked them LOTS of questions about life in the first half of the 20th century!

            1. Yes! Crazy, right?! I wish I had been smart enough to do that. I didn’t. But my mom did interview her grandfather who was one of those great-grandparents. I treasure those recordings!

  2. Their memories are always with you and with him. How lucky were you to have all three for so many years. My daughter knew two of her great grandparents. But they passed years ago. I also believe their spirits rise to protect her as she lives overseas. May their names and memories always be a blessing for you and your family.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. It is a wonderful photo, and how very special for your son to have had three great grandmothers for so long. I’m sure they will all watch over him, and you all.

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I’m so glad we took photos that day. Sometimes busy family days pass without any photos, but not this time, and now this picture means so much more than it did on that day!

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