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Photograph Showcase: Mother & Daughter

DUVAL, Estelle & Deane
Hope Estelle Maffit & Deane Alice Duval, about 1934

This lovely photo comes from a negative my Mom gave me.  It’s a beautiful portrait of my Grandma and Great-Grandma taken in about 1934.

I think it was taken at the same time as this photo of my Grandma:

What do you think?  Same dress?  Same hair?  Same day?

If so, then this photo was taken 3 May 1934 in Great Falls, Montana.

I found another scan of this photo in my Ancestry tree.  I’m not sure when I scanned it, or what I scanned it from.  What do you think of the two photos?  Which do you prefer?  Is it just me, or does the new scan feel like it’s a negative when compared to the old scan?  Am I imagining it…?



Happy Thursday, I hope you make a fantastic photo discovery today!  xoxo



22 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Mother & Daughter”

  1. I agree—definitely taken the same day. What a beauty!

    What do you mean, taken from a negative? The first one looks more like an authentic photo because of the sepia.

    1. Thank you for the input! I think it’s the same day also.

      So the first image, which appears again in each pair of images, was scanned from the negative. I’ve scanned other negatives before, but this is the first time that the scan looked like a negative to me – not in the traditional sense of everything being opposite, but in the sense that it is very black and white, almost a bit blue. But I don’t know if that’s just because I have seen an original photo of this image that has of course yellowed over time…? It’s hard to separate the two images in my mind. All of the other negatives I have scanned were photos I had never seen before. No bias.

      1. It’s interesting that scanning a negative creates a positive image. I haven’t seen a photo negative in so many years now—not since my first digital camera.

        1. It is a special setting on the scanner. If you try to scan it as a photo it doesn’t work. I actually hadn’t known that the scanners at our center had that setting until one night another Consultant was there when I was scanning photos. I noticed a few negatives in the packet of photos I was scanning and she told me about the negative setting. It was a very delightful discovery!

            1. It’s buried in one of the menus on mine. But mine also came with a special holder for the negatives. It’s a common setting on flatbed scanners but I’ve never seen it on an all-in-one. I have a vague memory of you saying yours is an all-in-one… am I remembering correctly?

              1. Yep, it’s an all in one. We also have a flatbed, but I haven’t used it for years. It’s not wireless so requires being plugged into the laptop and also into an outlet, so it’s a pain to use. Good memory—must be because you’re so young! LOL!

  2. Same day for sure. No way her hair could be the exact same on two separate occasions. As for the sepia versus black and white. I like them both for different reasons. The sepia is the way photos were taken then, but gives a softer view. The black and white is more distinct features. Just enjoy both!

  3. Same day, same dress, same hair. 🙂 As for the photos – both are great, but I prefer the black and white for its clarity. I can scan negatives on my Epson scanner, and providing the negs are clear and haven’t been damaged in any way they tend to give positives with more clarity. However, it looks to me (but I might be wrong) as if you might have output each with a different setting, for instance, one as a photo and one as a document. The latter setting tends to have less image detail in it. Or they might just have been scanned at different resolutions.

    1. Thank you for the input! I’m loving that everyone is in agreement on the dates. Consensus always feels good. 😉

      I know that the black and white version was scanned as a photo from a negative, but I am not certain what I did on the color scan. It was done a long time ago… However, I do know that I did not have a nice flatbed scanner back then so it was most likely scanned on an all-in-one that did not have lots of options. I can’t remember if it allowed an item to be scanned as a document or not.

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