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Photograph Showcase: In the Light of the Window

Estelle typingEstelle Maffit Duval

This photo of my great grandmother would have been taken by her husband, my great grandpa Frank Duval.  I think the composition and light are exceptional.  I love all of the fine details, her posture and clothing, the beautiful typewriter with a fresh sheet of paper, the angle of the mirror, the lines of her neck, arms, and legs.  This may be one of my new favorites.

9 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: In the Light of the Window”

    1. Thanks Su. I am captivated by it. It’s a contact print. I wish it were larger so I could have a large shot to hang somewhere. Either way, I’m so grateful to have this little beauty.

      1. It is stunning. Is it perhaps possible to scan it at very high resolution and get a larger print that way? I don’t know much about the technology but it might be possible. I can understand that you would love to have a larger print 🙂

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