Treasures: The First Baby Board

Baby Board 1

Last week I wrote about the second baby board that my great grandparents made.  This baby board is the first one they made.  It hangs on my Aunt Vicki’s wall but it doesn’t belong to her.  It belongs to her cousin Misty.  Vicki happily displays it for Misty in her home.  It was difficult to photograph because my Aunt’s home is not well lit.  I did my best but you will notice the colors aren’t perfectly true in the photos.

Tucked into the pouch of this baby board is this letter that I think is just as wonderful as the baby board itself.

Letter to Misty

Estelle died in 1977.  I’m not sure what prompted my great grandpa to write this letter 12 years later but I’m glad it has been saved with the baby board.  I love to see my great grandpa’s handwriting and read his sweet, simple sentiment.

Below are some detail shots of the baby board.  You can click them to enlarge.

Baby Board 1a

Baby Board 1b

Baby Board 1c

This board is a very different style from the first.  You can see that Estelle was using a more traditional color scheme in this first piece.  Her skill level was much higher by the time she created the second baby board.  Her patterns are more intricate, she had developed her own color schemes and her detail work was more impressive.  With that being said, I think this board is very lovely.  I’m glad to know that she was proud of it.  It is quite impressive.

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  1. Both are wonderful treasures. And what a difference between the first and second one. Your g-grandparents were very talented, creative people – and I know their genes have been passed down to you.

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