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Photograph Showcase: Who on Earth is Albert?

We humans are, well, human.

Recently, my human-ness reared its head.

See that photo up there?  The one labeled Albert?  I actually have a few more photos from a similar time period labeled Albert that are clearly photos of this same person.  But guess what my mind saw?



The Hyde family has several brothers.  Not a one of them is named Albert, at least, not that I know of.  There is an Arthur.  But each of the photos in question is clearly labeled “Albert”.

The “Albert” appears to be consistent with having been written at or near the taking of the photograph while the notes on the back were clearly written later by my own Grandma who never met Arthur or the Mystery “Albert”.

Who on earth is Albert?!

I guess I better try to figure it out.



12 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Who on Earth is Albert?”

    1. Possibly… but so far, this family doesn’t seem to use middle names except for surnames when naming a child after an ancestor. But maybe in this case, I have a rogue middle name I haven’t previously picked up. I’ll keep that in mind, thank you!

  1. Our eyes see what our minds want them to see! Just another mystery for you to solve. Good luck finding Albert. But one thought—could your grandmother have gotten the name wrong??

    1. She definitely could have. There are only two families he could be from (assuming he is related) – the Hyde’s or the Whiteley’s. But neither have an Albert. At least, not that I have found. So more digging for me! 😉

        1. It did say Albert Hyde on the back, that was written by my Grandma. On the front it only says Albert. But now that I am thinking about it, I wonder if the handwriting matches another photo I shared in the last few months that was labeled “My sister Alice”. Hmmm… I’m going to check that out!

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