Photograph Showcase: Naomi as a Young Mother


PETERSON, Naomi Skeen, Marilyn, and Ronald, spring 1929

Naomi Skeen Peterson with her oldest two children, Janice in her arms, and Ronald.  Handwriting of Mary Margaret Ellis Peterson.  Spring 1929

This photo comes from my Grandmother’s boxes.  Naomi was her mother-in-law and my great grandmother.  Ronald is my Grandpa.  Janice is his younger sister who was born in December of 1928.  Based on her age I think this photo was taken in the late Spring, but I’m confused by the leaves on the ground.  Maybe they had a short fall.  The kind where you haven’t gotten all of the leaves raked up before the snow falls.  This has happened to us here in Utah – and this photo was taken in Utah as well.

What do you think?  Spring?


PS – I had a surprise trip come up to hang out with my Dad.  I have so much to say about Rosey Hyde and the gang but I’m a bit out of commission for now.  We’ll see if I get some blogging time while I’m here.  And if not, well, I will happily enjoy my family time amongst the living.  🙂


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11 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Naomi as a Young Mother

  1. I vote for spring, also. But the leaves do make me pause–not just the ones on the ground, but also those on the tree. Thanks for sharing the photo. It’s charming.

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  2. A lovely photo. Perhaps they were experiencing an Indian summer?


  3. Maybe they were in a drought? We’ve had springs and summers where there were leaves on the ground just like that. Those leaves look recently fallen to me, not like they sat on the ground all winter. Enjoy your unexpected time w/your Dad. You can never spend enough time with older relatives.

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    • Thank you! You may just have it right. I guess I should check on the weather conditions of that year. That may help me understand what I am seeing. Thank you, it is always nice to spend time with family that live far away. And, you are right – I forgot to send out Ryan’s email. I need to do that. 😉


  4. I would agree that the baby looks no more (maybe less) than six months old, so no later than June, although she could be a small baby. I have often seen leaves on lawns in spring that didn’t get raked in the fall. That’s what I think we are seeing here.

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