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Photograph Showcase: Grandma Margaret with My Amazing Oldest

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13 August 2001, Great-Grandma Mary Margaret Ellis Peterson with my amazing oldest boy.


What a treasure this photo is!  ❤️


Last week I shared a photo of my Grandma Margaret.  It reminded me of this sweet snapshot I found while cleaning out my office.  That is my Grandma Margaret with my amazing oldest.  I know there are a few other photos from that day that also include my marvelous middle boy but this is the photo that somehow made it into my “to scan” pile.

Aside from loving that my Grandma is holding my child, her great-grandchild, there are several other details about this photo that just warm my heart:

Grandma’s mumu.  My Grandma had poor health all of my life.  She regularly wore mumus for comfort and convenience.  This is my favorite of her mumus.  I know that’s kind of weird, but she wore it all the time!  I think of that fabric when I think of her.

The photo wall.  That grouping of photos was displayed on that wall, just like that, for as long as I can remember.  My dad is the second column.  All four boys have three photos on display – a baby portrait, their missionary photo, and their engagement photo.  Fun side note, every photo on that wall was colorized, even a few photos that were in color – haha – except for the missionary and engagement photo of my Dad’s youngest brother.

The afghan with yellow roses.  My mom crocheted that blanket for my grandparents as a Christmas gift one year.  I remember it always being on that couch.  It is now on display in my Aunt & Uncle’s home that live just a few houses away from me.  We have Sunday dinner together every week, alternating homes, and I see that blanket everytime I am in their home.

And lastly, the gold identification bracelet my Grandma is wearing.  That bracelet is engraved with “Ronald Skeen Peterson” on the front and “Love, Margaret” on the back.  Grandma bought it for Grandpa when he left for the Marine Corps during WWII.  He wore it all throughout his service.  After he died, Grandma found it in a drawer with a broken clasp.  She had it repaired and wore it for the rest of her life.  I now have that bracelet and dearly treasure it.  I don’t wear it a lot as it is becoming more fragile, but every time I do, I can’t help but stroke their names over and over again and feel such a wonderful connection to them.  Noticing that detail in this photo for the first time last week, choked me up.

I’m very grateful that when I took this photo so many special details were preserved beyond the focus of Grandma and great-grandchild.  And thank goodness this photo didn’t fall subject to scrapbooking scissors!



Happy Thursday, I hope you will take a few moments to digitize, share, and preserve a treasured photo today!  Do you have any photos that are rich with details your posterity won’t notice without your help?  Help them, out.  xoxo



ps – A while back I bought a blower brush from Hollinger Metal Edge.  I cannot believe how clean my scan of this photo was!  I only had about 3 dust specks to edit out after it was scanned.  I highly recommend giving it a try!


4 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Grandma Margaret with My Amazing Oldest”

    1. Thank you, Amy! Yes, lots of memories. Even more than I wrote about but they aren’t as obvious. Things like watching old movies in the room (Grandma had a huge collection and there is MUCH to say about that). The indoor swimming pool you could see from the window in that room. Scrapbooking in there. Friends/boysfriends who came with me for visits often slept on that couch. So, so many memories. A special place in my heart for sure. ❤️

        1. Yes! We loved it!! So many fun memories swimming with Grandpa. Grandma had very poor health and her doctors recommended swimming so Grandpa built on an indoor pool. (They lived in Logan so an outdoor pool would basically be pointless.) He was like that. Miss him. ❤️

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