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Photograph Showcase: John Baptiste Jerrain in His Store, 1910

John Baptiste Jerrain, In his store, 1910
John Baptiste Jerrain, in his store, 1910


Isn’t that photo so cool?!

It comes from the collection of photos that accompanied the Maffit Family Book.  The filename of the photo is “John Baptiste Jerrain, in his store, 1910”.  John’s store was in Chicago.

I wish I could zoom in on the details but this is about as good as it gets.  So I am just going to appreciate the miracle that is this photo making its way to me and try to get my genealogist brain to be quiet.  (Right after I point out that I really want to know what that photo is that’s hanging from the upper right shelves…)



Happy Wednesday, I hope you get your hands on a precious ancestor photo very, very soon!  Up next, tomorrow – the first in a series of posts about John Baptiste Jerrain.  That’s right, the big reveal is on its way Paul…  xoxo