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Photograph Showcase: Louise Maria Austin, age 20

AUSTIN, Louise Maria, age 20
Louise Maria Austin, age 20


A few weeks ago I shared a photo of my 3rd great-grandmother Louise Maria Austin when she was older.  I also have this lovely photo of Louise when she was, “20 years old,” according to the back of the photo.

My copy is clearly a reprint based on the Kodak paper it is printed on.  Both photos in my collection come from my Grandmother Mary Margaret Ellis’ collection.  They were found in a folder that she created and labeled as “CHENEY.”

The handwriting on the back of this photo is not my Grandma’s.  It might be her mother’s, but I am not certain.  Louise was my Grandma’s great-grandmother in a direct maternal line.  My Grandma’s mother, Blanche Octavia Huband, would have known Louise personally as Blanche was born in 1895 and Louise lived until 1927.  The photo likely came to my Grandma from her mother’s collection.  [Update:  The handwriting has been identified as belonging to Beth Louise Ellis, Blanche’s oldest daughter.  This identification was made by Beth’s son and daughter-in-law.]

I have shared a copy of this photo before in this post.  But I have no idea where I got that copy from.  (Insert sheepish smile here.  I hope I didn’t just download it and pass it on . . .  I know better now.)  Now that I have a physical copy of the photo, I was able to scan it at a higher resolution so I am sharing it again.  I also cleaned the photo up to remove dust, scratches, and the rather extensive fingerprinting along the bottom of Louise’s dress.  The original must have been well-loved and handled!

Here is the back of my copy:

AUSTIN, Louise Maria, age 20, photo back



Happy Thursday, I hope you discover a special ancestor photo very soon!  Or, I hope you will scan and share a special ancestor photo from your own collection.  Your cousins will be grateful!!  xoxo