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Photograph Showcase: Louise Maria Austin

AUSTIN, Louise Maria
Louise Maria Austin


Louise Maria Austin is my 3rd great-grandmother.  She was born 21 June 1838 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut to Julius Augustus Caesar Austin and Octavia Ann Lane.  She and her parents were pioneers who traveled on the Ship Brooklyn from New York City to San Francisco.  After arriving in San Francisco, they eventually traveled by wagon to Salt Lake City.

On 12 April 1860, Louise married Joseph Thompson Cheney in Farmington, Utah.  Louise & Joseph had eight children.  On 26 April 1927, Louise died in Laketown, Utah.

This photo was found in my Grandma’s collection in a folder she labeled as “CHENEY.”  Here is the back of the photo:


AUSTIN, Louise Maria, photo back



Happy Thursday, I hope you make a fantastic photo discovery very soon!  xoxo



7 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Louise Maria Austin”

  1. Julius Caesar Augustus! Quite a name—his parents had big dreams for him!! And Suffield, Connecticut is about ten minutes from where I now live and still a fairly rural and very pretty little town.

    1. Right?! A very long journey. I feel for Louise’s mother. That would be a challenge with young children.

      1. Totally. My partner’s ancestors all travelled to NZ by boat in the 1850s-1870s. I’ve read a few accounts of those voyages, and realise how lucky I was that my immigration journey involved two long-haul flights.

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