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Photograph Showcase: Ronald Skeen Peterson, age 46

PETERSON, Ronald Skeen, age 46
Ronald Skeen Peterson, age 46


Isn’t this a lovely portrait of my grandfather?  The back of the photo just says, “46 yrs,” in my grandmother’s handwriting.

Well before Grandpa was 46 years old, he had earned his Ph.D. in psychology and was hired by Utah State University.  He worked in their counseling and testing department and was the head of the department for many years.  I know that he regularly taught abnormal psychology but I don’t know what else he might have taught in his years at USU.  He also had a private practice out of his home.

This seems like it might have been a professional portrait that he used for the university.  What do you think?



Happy Thursday, I hope you make a fantastic photo discovery very soon!!  xoxo