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Photograph Showcase: Ronald Skeen Peterson, age 46

PETERSON, Ronald Skeen, age 46
Ronald Skeen Peterson, age 46


Isn’t this a lovely portrait of my grandfather?  The back of the photo just says, “46 yrs,” in my grandmother’s handwriting.

Well before Grandpa was 46 years old, he had earned his Ph.D. in psychology and was hired by Utah State University.  He worked in their counseling and testing department and was the head of the department for many years.  I know that he regularly taught abnormal psychology but I don’t know what else he might have taught in his years at USU.  He also had a private practice out of his home.

This seems like it might have been a professional portrait that he used for the university.  What do you think?



Happy Thursday, I hope you make a fantastic photo discovery very soon!!  xoxo



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    1. Thank you, Alex! What is even more fascinating about it is that his undergrad degree was in animal husbandry. He grew up on a cattle ranch and started his own ranch but abandoned that after a while to pursue graduate school. I think he finished his PhD in the 1960s (he was born in 1926). I need to make a more detailed timeline for him. I have 12 boxes that were my Grandma’s so I have a huge amount of scanning/organizing left to do. I know I have the exact answer in there. Just have to find it. 😉

      1. That is quite a change to switch from Animal Husbandry to Psychology! You are so lucky to have the items from your Grandma. We didn’t really have much from either side of my family – although I hate to think how many things may have been thrown out by people who perhaps never thought that someone like me would be interested in them!

        1. Right?! Huge change.

          My Grandma (on the other side) threw things away constantly. I know about some of the things that were tossed. I have to not thing\k about it. (Journals, photos, etc.)

          Everything that survived really is a gift and treasure. Now it is up to us to find a way to preserve it for generations. We are so lucky to have such rich digital resources!!

  1. That’s quite impressive that he was a PhD in psychology. Do you think this photo was colorized? Or is it just that “photo studio” glow?

    1. Thank you, Amy. I do think it was colorized. My Grandma really liked the look of colorzied photos and even paid to have some color photos colorized. Haha!

      What’s even more impressive about his PhD is that he earned it in the 1960s (he was born in 1926). His undergraduate degree was in animal husbandry. His father was a cattle rancher and that was Grandpa’s plan as well. He started a ranch but abandoned that after a few years to pursue graduate school. Three of his four sons also have PhDs.

  2. Very nice photo. Just to help clarify for my poor brain. Your Great-grandfather was also named Ronald, correct? He was my Mother’s 1st cousin. No wonder your grandfather was drawn to teach therapy!! I need it sometimes as I review the Taylor, Lake & Owen families!!

  3. I am on my laptop which didn’t seem to recognize that I have been following you for 2 or more years. I had to fill in my details again so I hope you aren’t confused.

  4. I’m glad I got to see this! He was President Peterson to me and my family, a great man with a large heart! Was he by any chance related to Elder Mark E Peterson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles?

    1. Hi Joel, thanks for stopping by! No, Mark E Petersen was not a relative. 😊

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