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Photograph Showcase: Lyman Stoddard Skeen

SKEEN, Lyman Stoddard
Lyman Stoddard Skeen


Lyman Stoddard Skeen in my 3rd great-grandfather.  He was born 18 December 1850 in Keg Creek, Pottawattamie, Iowa to Joseph Skeen & Maria Amanda Dolby.  He married Electa Philomelia Dixon, my 3rd great-grandmother, 8 February 1870 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Together, they had eleven children before Electa’s death on 28 April 1891 in Plain City, Utah.  I descend from their fourth child, Joseph Skeen.

Lyman married again on 20 October 1892 to Annie Skelton.  Lyman and Annie had eight children together.  Yep, that’s right, my 3rd great-grandfather had a total of NINETEEN children, born one right after the other, from two different wives.  His first child was born in 1871, his last in 1908.

There is no date on this photo.  Lyman died at age eighty-two on 4 April 1933 in Ogden, Utah.  He was buried in the Plain City Cemetery in Plain City, Utah.

This photo comes from the collection of my Grandmother, Mary Margaret Ellis.  It was found in a folder she labeled with, “SKEEN.”  The back of this photo is labeled simply as “Lyman Skeen,” as seen here:

SKEEN, Lyman Stoddar, photo back

With an April 1983 printing date, this photo is clearly a reprint or a photo of a photo.  The quality is quite nice.




Happy Thursday, I hope you will make some time to scan and share a favorite old photo very soon!  The holidays can be a great time to connect with extended family to get some of those older photos properly labeled.  Good luck!  xoxo