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Ellis Album, Photo 25 – Margaret, the Graduate

ELLIS, Mary Margaret
Mary Margaret Ellis

I love this graduation photo of my Grandmother.  But, it’s a bit puzzling.  There is a photographer stamp on the back of this photo with the date, 27 June 1947 in Ogden, Utah.  My Grandmother was born in 1927.  I am fairly certain that she graduated in 1945.  I know that she also graduated from Weber College with a degree in Science.  Possibly in 1947…?  Or, is there an even simpler explanation?  Did her parents order the print of this photo two years after her High School graduation?  I have so many boxes from Grandma that I am positive the answer is somewhere in there.  Now I just have to decide if I interrupt my current work to dig around or if I just accept that for now, I don’t know when and why this photo was taken.  Hmmm…



This photo comes from the thirteenth page of the album.  Here are pages twelve and thirteen to give context for this photo:

IMG_1655 - edited

This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.