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Photograph Showcase: Claude Albert Ellis as a Young Man

ELLIS, Claude Albert as a young man in suit and hat
Claude Albert Ellis


That dapper young man up there is my great-grandfather, Claude Albert Ellis.  Grandpa Ellis was born and raised in North Ogden, Utah.  At the age of 21, he left to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Eastern States Mission.  After his return, he married my great-grandmother, Blanche Octavia Huband.  They lived their life together in North Ogden.  Grandpa Ellis was born in 1890 and passed away in 1978.

This photo is unlabeled but was found in a folder created by my grandmother, Mary Margaret Ellis, Claude’s daughter.  She labeled the folder as “Claude”.  I love Grandpa Ellis’ bowtie and hat!  The detail at the cuff of his suit sleeve is cool – I’ve never seen a cuff like that before.




Happy Thursday!  How are your photo preservation efforts going?  Have you scanned and shared a photo lately?  I hope so!!  xoxo



15 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Claude Albert Ellis as a Young Man”

  1. Picking up some small detail in these old photos is always fun. That’s a great photo. And yes, I scanned and shared another old photo just yesterday! 🙂

    1. Oh, yes! The pockets are cool. My dad would have loved this suit back in the day. I need to text him the photo (he is not an online kind of guy). 😉

  2. Very nice! The pocket detail is also very nice. I am wondering if you are related to Maree Ellis Wadman? Her family lived at the bottom of 500 West in Pleasant View. I remember when her dad died & I was to sick to go to the funeral. 😢

    1. I don’t know? I haven’t come across that name but that doesn’t mean much. I haven’t done a complete descendancy research project on my Ellis immigrant.

  3. The cuff is unusual, so is his hat which is rather ‘bucket’ shape (like a women’s sun hat, in the UK!) Lovely photo. 🙂

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