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Photograph Showcase: Sister and Brother

YOUNG, Mary Brown holding brother
Mary Brown Young holding her youngest brother Andrew Brown Young


Years ago, my cousin Gregg shared this lovely photo of my great-grandmother holding his father.  I have cherished it.  It wasn’t a large enough file size to print as an 8×10, so Gregg recently rescanned it for me at a higher resolution.  I am so grateful.

Here is his original scan, and the unedited recent scan.  There is a rather large stain that was very tricky to clean up.  It could use some work, but I’m hoping it will look alright in a print:



Mary Brown Young was born in Scotland in 1903.  Her brother Andrew was born in Montana in 1912.  Mary was the third and Andrew was the youngest of six children.  This photo was likely taken in Montana.



Happy Thursday, do you have any photos that need scanning?  Try working on it a little at a time.  xoxo



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    1. It has a lot less detail, so technically it is “clearer”. But if you opened them up on their own and made them fill your screen you would see the pixalization in the original scan Gregg sent me. That is what made it too small to print as an 8×10.

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