Are You Making Plans for RootsTech London Yet?



RootsTech London is just about five months away from today – are you planning to attend?


I hope so!  I would love to see you there.  ❤️

I am really excited about RootsTech expanding and adding an event in London.  This will be a great opportunity for genealogists from Europe to participate in the RootsTech experience, possibly for the first time.  It will also be a great opportunity for genealogists from America with European roots to combine a genealogy conference experience with a trip to ancestral homelands.  No matter what might bring you to the conference, there are a few things to consider now.


Early Bird Pricing & Accommodations


Early bird pricing is available now through August 9th.  You can learn more about your pricing options here.

If you are interested in benefitting from the group rates for lodging during RootsTech London, you can learn more about those options here.


A little planning now will help make your RootsTech London adventure more affordable.


I can’t wait to see the awesome uniqueness of the RootsTech event in the city of London!  The location and the attendees will bring a special flair that I am looking forward to experiencing.



Happy Wednesday, I hope it’s been a wonderful week filled with genealogy learning and discovery!  xoxo




ps – This is my 602nd post on this here blog of mine.  How did I miss noticing that I had passed 600 before today?!




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