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Super Quick John Costello Update

COSTELLO, John, clip from home movie


Oh boy!!!


So much has been happening over here with my John Costello efforts.

Here is the super quick version of the details:


One – a cousin from the oldest living generation of cluster two has agreed to test and the test has been mailed!  Yippee!!!!!


Two – Oh! My! Word! the records have been telling quite a story.  I’m working on writing it all up but it has turned into an epic project and isn’t ready.  It will be, soon.  And it will be oh-so-fascinating.


Three – other tests and transfers have occurred which necessitated an update to a chart I shared a while back:

Data Points between Costellos, Frieds, and Frieds a

Can you believe those numbers?!


Four – I have connected cluster 1 and cluster 2 through records.  {!!}



I am getting closer and closer all the time.



Happy Tuesday, I hope you make some progress on your “favorite” brick wall, very, very soon!!  xoxo




ps – Summer is upon me.  I forgot how work intensive it is to have a seven-year-old home all day.  I will take all of the awesome efficiency vibes you feel like sending my way.  I need to finish writing up my Fried family report ASAP so that the descendants in cluster 2 who will be together for a wedding in about 10 days can put their memories together and try to make sense of what I have discovered.  (They are going to be surprised for sure!)


10 thoughts on “Super Quick John Costello Update”

  1. Well, my interest is piqued for sure (though it already was, of course). Get that kid to camp or something, and write up your findings! (Don’t they have day camps out there? I can’t imagine having a seven year old home with me all day all summer—you must be far more patient than I was as a mom!)

    1. Hahaha!! He is my little treasure so I don’t mind having him home one bit. He is 11 years younger than my next youngest boy and I wanted him for so long that it really has been a joy. This summer is just cramping my genealogy style a bit. But I’m sure that once we get a bit more into summer we will settle into our routine more. 😉

      1. I can imagine cherishing every moment with him. That’s how I feel about my grandsons, but, of course, I don’t live with them.

        1. I wonder if it’s my inner self knowing that I was so much older when I had him that I have to pack in more time with him to now, to make up for having to leave him before anyone should say goodbye to their mother. Either way, he is a joy.

  2. I was just barely into genealogy when my kids were that age so can’t give you tips on efficiency. Great news on the DNA front. Can’t wait for those kits to be turned in and ready to view, heh?

  3. Good luck! I haven’t been able to get my sister to test & I purchased her kit. Now she claims she doesn’t know where it is. My son also won’t test. I bought the kits! Goodness!! Frustrating all around for me but best of luck to you.

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