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Photograph Showcase: A Skeen Family Christmas Gathering

SKEEN, Joseph & Petrina descendants at Christmas, possibly 1938
The descendants of Joseph & Petrina Skeen at Christmas time, possibly in 1938.


I recently scanned another folder from my Grandma’s collection that she labeled with “SKEEN.”  It is positively loaded with treasures!  There are many photos in the folder that I had never seen before, like this gem!  My little one is named after Joseph Skeen, the patriarch in this photo — seen in the back row, second from right.  When he got home from school the day I scanned these, he sat on my lap and I showed him every treasured image of his namesake from this folder.  He was enthralled and asked all sorts of questions.  How did I get so lucky to have a sweet seven-year-old who loves family history and thinks my work is the most important in the world?!  I adore him!  ❤️

Sorry for the aside, now back to the photo at hand.  😉

That beauty up there is labeled on the back with the following:

SKEEN, Joseph & Petrina descendants at Christmas, possibly 1938, back

Not terribly detailed, but better than nothing.

I am still working on identifying each person.  There are eight that I know — my Grandpa, his parents, two sisters and brother, and then Joseph & Petrina Skeen, the head of the family.

My Grandpa, Ronald Skeen Peterson, is seen on the back row, fifth person from the left.

His father, my great-grandfather, Rulon Powell Peterson, is seen on the back row just to the right of my Grandpa.

My Grandpa’s mother, my great-grandmother, Naomi Skeen, is seen in the middle row with her arms folded, third from right.  I LOVE this image of her!!  Most photos of Naomi are not very good.  She had poor health after the death of her son Darrell and it showed in her photos.  This photo is one of the very best I’ve seen of her.

Grandpa’s brother, Darrell Skeen Peterson, is in the front row holding the black bear.  There aren’t many photos of him because of his young death.  I am so delighted to be able to add another photo to the story of his short, but precious, life.

Grandpa’s sister, Janice Peterson, is in the middle row with her arms folded, third from left.

Grandpa’s sister, Marilyn Peterson, is in the front row, first child on the left, she is quite blurry and holding a doll.

Joseph Skeen, who I mentioned earlier, is my 2nd great-grandfather and is seen in the back row, second from right.

Jane Zina Petrina Folkman, my 2nd great-grandmother, who was known by Petrina, is in the middle row, second from right.

I’m working to get the other family members properly identified.  If you are a cousin who comes across this and can help, PLEASE, comment or send me an email, the address is on the sidebar!



Happy Thursday, I hope you will scan and share a precious photo very soon!  And, please, label some photos to help out your family members in the future!  xoxo