Scottish Photo Identification Project

Scottish Photo Identification Project

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Earlier this year, my cousin Gregg mailed me a box of photos from our shared Scottish line.  Most were unlabeled.  A few had descriptions.  All had notes of some kind or other from Gregg.

The very first photo in the box included my great-grandmother and Gregg’s aunt, Mary Brown Young.  I was so delighted to be greeted by her face when I opened this treasure box!  As I looked through all of the photos and letters I was excited by the project Gregg had sent my way.

I scanned everything front and back.  I made a backup file.  And slowly, I have been working my way through these images.

So far I have identified and shared four images.  But I have lots more to do!  I have a handful of images I am currently working on identifying.  I have several that are very puzzling, a few more that are labeled, and some that I hope cousins can help me with.  I decided this project deserved its own series title.  So this will serve as my introductory post despite the fact that I have already shared a few of the photos from the box.

I love the challenge an unlabeled photo presents, but a whole box full?!  This is going to be lots of fun!


You can see the previously identified photos here:



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  1. Not sure my comment went through—I asked if Gregg was a cousin you found through genealogy or one you’d always known.

    1. Oooh, good question. Gregg is the nephew of my great-grandmother. He lives (and always has) where my Mom grew up. I just didn’t know him until about 10ish years ago. I’d been told he did lots of family history and been given his contact info a few times, but it was hard for me to reach out to a stranger on my Mom’s father’s side of the family… I realize now that was silly, but it felt very real to me at the time.

        1. Right?! Add to that the two generations between us and my age and I was a bit cowardly. 😉

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