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Photograph Showcase: Catherine Boles Young

YOUNG, Catherine Boles
Catherine Boles Young, Scotland


Isn’t she oh-so-darling?!

That little one is my great-grandaunt, Catherine Boles Young.  Catherine is the sister of my great-grandmother, Mary Brown Young.  (For regular readers, Mary is the wife of John Costello.)

Catherine was born 3 September 1899 in Maryhill, Lanark, Scotland to James Young and Catherine Brown.  She is the oldest of six known children.  Catherine immigrated to America with her mother and siblings in 1910.

At the age of nineteen, Catherine married William Joseph Millan in Butte, Montana.  Together, they had one daughter, Catherine Lucille Millan.  Sadly, Catherine Boles Young died at age twenty-three when her precious daughter was just two and a half years old.

This photo came in the box of mystery photos from my cousin Gregg.

When I pulled this photo out, I recognized it right away!  You see, several years ago, Gregg had sent me this scan of the photo:


Catherine Young as child


In the accompanying email, Gregg wrote this,

“This too, is a copy of an old photo that is lost. When I showed this to Mary Costello, she was sure that this was her sister Catherine.”

What a treat to see the original!  Even better, I was so delighted that I recognized the image and could find the details about it quickly in my Ancestry tree.

The back of the original photo is interesting to me:


YOUNG, Catherine Boles, photo back


Normally I don’t think much of strings of numbers on the back of a photo.  Often it has something to do with the developing, at least in my very large collection of photos that my photographer great-grandparents took.  But these numbers strike me as possibly being a date – 15 February 1898.  Except that date doesn’t work with Catherine’s birth date.  Hmmm… hopefully Grandma Costello identified this photo correctly!  😉



Happy Monday!  I hope you have a wonderful week filled with genealogy discovery!!  xoxo



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    1. Haha, you are so right! She looks a bit scared for sure. I hope it was just a quick minute and then lots of hugs from Mom. ❤️

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