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Photograph Showcase: Three Generations of Costellos in the Snow

COSTELLO, John & Dan, Feb 1960 with horse, 2
John Costello on the horse, his son Dan facing him, one of Dan’s children at far right.  February 1960
COSTELLO, John & Dan, Feb 1960 with horse
Dan Costello on the horse, his father John standing next to the horse, one of Dan’s children in the background on a sled.  February 1960


When I first started out as a beginning genealogist twenty years ago, I had never seen a photo of my great-grandfather, John Costello.  I didn’t know if one existed.

Slowly over the years, I have had a small, but very precious, handful of photos make their way to me.  Each one is so monumental!  Especially because Grandpa Costello is my most recent brick wall ancestor.

These two photos are just as precious.  They include Grandpa Costello with his son Daniel Ramon Costello and Uncle Dan’s young son enjoying some time out in the snow with Uncle Dan’s horse.  At least, that’s what I think I am looking at here.  This is the back of the first photo.


COSTELLO, John & Dan, Feb 1960 with horse- back


The handwriting belongs to Uncle Dan’s wife, Aunt Barbara.  I am so grateful to Aunt Barbara for sharing so much with me.  She is a wonderful person who is so gracious and generous with her time and memories.



Happy Thursday, I hope you make contact with a wonderfully gracious and generous family member like my Aunt Barbara who will share some family treasures and memories with you.  xoxo



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