Ellis Album

Ellis Album, Photo 61 – Lane & Ruth

HUBAND, Lane Augustus and Ruth Norine Peterson
Ruth Norine Peterson & Lane Augustus Huband

Lane Augustus Huband is my great-granduncle.  He is the brother of Blanche Octavia Huband, the album creator and my great-grandmother.  Lane was born 16 December 1903 in Shelley, Bingham, Idaho to Heber Albert Huband and Hattie Margaret Cheney.  He lived to be nearly 91 years old.  He has some really cool photos on FamilySearch.  My favorites are the ones from when he was a mail carrier.  If you click on over, be sure to click the “More…” link or you will only see about 10 of the 60ish photos.



This photo comes from the twenty-ninth page of the album.  Here are pages twenty-eight and twenty-nine to give context for this photo:

IMG_1664 - edited

This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.


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    1. Hi Amy! No, I don’t remember him at all. It’s possible we met at a family funeral or reunion but the last one of those I can recall was when I was about nine. I’m guessing my great-grandma’s brother probably didn’t register in my little girl brain if I did meet him. I grew up in Washington so when we did go to Utah for a visit, we spent almost all of our time with my grandparents.

        1. My two older boys had a great-great-grandfather living when they were born. He passed when my oldest was 12 and my middle one was 9. Isn’t that crazy?! He lived to be 99 but my husband is the oldest child of the oldest child of his oldest child so we fit in a few more generations than many families do.

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