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Photograph Showcase: Ann Vickers Young Owens

OWENS, Ann Vickers Young, abt 1923, New Zealand
Ann Vickers Young Owens, 2 years 10 months, Whangarei, New Zealand


Isn’t this little one so adorable?  I love her smile.  She looks like she was a lot of fun to be around.  Her dress is darling.  So who is she and how did her photo get to me?

Recently, my wonderful cousin Gregg sent me a box of photos that are in need of some analyzing and identifying.  The images are from the Scottish branch of our tree.

My great-grandmother, Mary Brown Young (John Costello’s wife), was born in Scotland and immigrated to America when she was seven.  Gregg is her nephew.  Mary, her siblings, and her parents eventually settled in Spokane, Washington.  They made efforts to keep track of their family members who were in Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.  It seems likely that many of the images in the box are a reflection of those efforts.  This photo is a great example.

That darling young girl up there is Ann Vickers Young Owens, my 1st cousin 3 times removed.  She is the daughter of Agnes Young & Thomas Owens.  Agnes Young is the daughter of my 3rd great-grandparents, James Young & Ann Vickers.

This lovely photo of Ann, taken in about 1923, made a journey from Whangarei, New Zealand to Spokane, Washington many years ago.  It ended up in the possession of Gregg and now has made its way to me.

I’m so delighted to have solved the first of the mystery photos.  This photo is labeled, but the relationship wasn’t clear.  After some research last week, that relationship is now properly identified.  Here is a chart connecting Ann to Gregg and myself:

Ann Vickers Young Owens Relationship Chart

Here is the back of this precious photo:

OWENS, Ann Vickers Young, abt 1923, New Zealand - back.jpg

One down, lots more to go.  It’s going to be an adventure!  Thank you for this cool project, Gregg.


Family of Ann Vickers Young Owens, I would love to hear from you, my email address is on the sidebar.




Happy Thursday, I hope you are able to work out the story of a mystery photo for your own family very, very soon!  xoxo