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Photograph Showcase: Duval Portrait

DUVAL, Frank, Deane, and Frank, August 1949 - smaller
Uncle Frank, Deane Alice Duval, Francis Henry Duval, August 1949


This beautiful portrait makes my heart happy.  My Grandma Deane is in the middle with her father and brother on either side of her.

The photo was taken by my great-grandmother, Estelle Duval.  Isn’t her hand painting incredible?!  She used oil paints and brushes.

I’ve actually shared this photo before in 2014.  That scan was not the best.  I was a scanning rookie back then.  I used an all-in-one printer/scanner combo for the 2014 photo.  Today’s photo was scanned using an Epson Perfection flatbed scanner.  I prefer the more recent scan.  But, scanned is better than not scanned!



Happy Thursday, I hope you will scan and share a favorite old family photo very soon!  xoxo