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Black Ellis Album #1, Page 5

BEA1, page 5


This page features five friends of my Great-Grandmother Blanche.  Four of them were pretty easy to identify in FamilySearch.  The last one is a bit trickier.

The first photo made me smile.  My great-grandma looks like she has a bit of a disadvantage for a footrace as her dress seems the narrowest at the hem.  Can you imagine running in a floor-length dress?


BEA1, img 9, Labor Day, September 1915, Blanche with friends
Labor Day, 6 September 1915, l-r: Bessie Campbell, Verna Bailey, Blanche Huband, Lorene Oborne


This photo was taken on Labor Day in 1915.  My great-grandmother is the third from the left.  She has such a lovely profile!


BEA1, img 10, Summer 1915, friends of Blanche
Summer 1915, l-r: DeLora Candland and Florence Malan


This photo is fun!  My great-grandmother is not in this photo, but it features two of her friends.  I love the details on DeLora’s shoes, but I bet they were a pain to button up!  Also, black stockings in the summer?!  HOT!!  I love the jaunty hats.



This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.  A digital version of this photo album can be viewed on Flickr here.



ps — My children and I have been staying isolated at home since March 13th.  We are going a little bit stir-crazy!!  My husband is still going to work each day but planning to transition to working from home soon.  His office is large with very few people and everyone has their own offices.  He has done a few grocery runs on his way home from work, but we are trying to spread those out as much as possible.  School from home has not been the smoothest.  Hopefully, that gets easier.  My children miss going to school each day and they especially miss hanging out with their friends.  I miss our structure and routine.  I hope you are all safe and healthy!  xoxo


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