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Photograph Showcase: Joseph & Petrina Skeen’s Young Family of Four

SKEEN, Joseph & Petrina family of four
l-r:  Joseph Skeen, Lyman Lamont Skeen, Zina Electa Skeen, Jane Zina Petrina Folkman, abt 1902


This lovely young family includes my 2nd great-grandparents, Joseph Skeen & Jane Zina Petrina Folkman.  The children are their two oldest, Lyman Lamont Skeen is the baby in Joseph’s arms and Zina Electa Skeen is the wiggly toddler seated between her parents.

Lamont was born 26 August 1901.  In this photo, he looks to be about six months old or so making the date of this photo likely sometime in 1902.  These first two children would not marry nor have any children of their own.  Zina died at age 25 and Lamont died just before he turned 11.  Their early deaths make this photo all the more precious.

My copy of this photo was printed in April of 1983.  I don’t recognize the handwriting on the back.  The label is logical.

SKEEN, Joseph & Petrina family of four, back



Happy Thursday!  Have you scanned and shared a photo with your family lately?  xoxo



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