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Photograph Showcase: Seth as a Great-Grandfather

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Seth Maffit with two of his great-grandchildren, April 1953.  The little ones are children of Vince & Deane Costello.
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Seth Maffit with four of his great-grandchildren, 16 March 1958.  The little ones are children of Vince & Deane Costello.

Last week I shared a photo of my 2nd great-grandfather, Seth Maffit.  I guessed that the photo was most likely taken when he was living in Spokane after his wife Emma’s death.  That gives us a window between 1945 and 1960.  Comparing the top photo in this post, I think he was younger in the photo with the pipe in his hand.  What do you think?

It is such an awesome blessing that my great-grandmother Estelle, Seth’s daughter, was a photographer.  There are so many, many photographs.  I especially love these two of Seth with his great-grandchildren.  ❤️



Happy Thursday, I hope you make a fantastic photo discovery today!  xoxo



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