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Photograph Showcase: Grandmother Folkman

THOMASEN, Maren with the Shurtliffs
l-r: Haskill Heber Shurtliff, possibly Wilford Haskill Shurtliff, Annie Christine Folkman, Maren Katrine Thomasen

Maren Katrine Thomasen is my 3rd great-grandmother.  Here she is with her oldest daughter, Annie Christine Folkman, and Annie’s husband Haskill Heber Shurtliff, and their child.  Annie and Haskill’s oldest child was Wilford Haskill Shurtliff, born in 1886.  Maren was about 50 when Wilford was born.  It seems likely that the child in this photo is Wilford.

Maren was born in Denmark in 1837.  She joined the LDS church in Denmark in about 1862 and emigrated about two years later arriving in Utah in 1864.  She married Jens Peter Folkman the following year as his second wife.  Together, they had four children: Annie Christine Folkman, Josephine Christiana Folkman, Joseph Moroni Folkman, and Jane Zina Petrina Folkman – who went by Petrina.  Petrina is my 2nd great-grandmother.

The really exciting thing about this photograph is that it is only the second photograph I have ever seen of Maren!  On FamilySearch, there are only two photos of Maren.  I have not found any other photos so far online or elsewhere.  What a treasure!



Happy Thursday, I hope you find a way to preserve and share a precious photo today!  xoxo