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Photograph Showcase: John Baptiste Jerrain & Daughter Emma

JERRAIN, John Baptiste with daughter Emma, 1923 in Great Falls

John Baptiste Jerrain is my 3rd great-grandfather.  His daughter, Emma, is my 2nd great-grandmother.  According to the notation beneath the photo by an unknown writer, this photo of the two of them was taken in 1923 in Great Falls, Montana.  Emma was John’s only known daughter.

This scan of a color copy of the original has had quite a journey.  The color copy was created by my Grandma’s first cousin.  It was sent to Grandma along with several other copied images and a few documents.  The stack of copies includes a letter written by the said cousin and all items are paper clipped together.  This collection traveled through a few moves with Grandma and was found among the items my Grandma gave to me years ago when I went for a visit.

Several family members have told me that Emma always wore black dresses.  No one has been able to tell me why she did that.  This dress certainly appears to be black.

Notice the hat in the background to Emma’s right.  I wonder if that is John’s hat?  It certainly seems possible, maybe even likely.

One day, I hope I will make contact with the cousin who has the originals so I can hopefully get a few higher quality scans.  But I am so grateful that Grandma’s cousin took the time to color copy several important photos and mail them to my Grandma.  Cousin connections are one of our greatest tools in this grand genealogy adventure.  Thank you, cousin!



Happy Thursday, I wish you a very marvelous photo discovery soon.  Even better, I encourage you to provide the very marvelous photo discovery to your cousins.  Scan, preserve, SHARE!  xoxo



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