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Photograph Showcase: Rosey, For Sure

Rosey Hyde, 1883-1970, photograph courtesy of Rosey’s great-granddaughter Cathy.

Nearly one year ago, I messaged a DNA match on  She appeared to be a descendant of Rosey Hyde, my 2nd great-grandaunt.  Rosey has always been of particular interest to me because of the circumstances of her birth, life, relationship with her sister (my 2nd great-grandmother Alice Hyde), marriages, and death.

Finding a living descendant of Rosey completely disproved what my Grandma told me about Rosey – that she was a gay barber who had no children.  In fairness to Grandma, she was completely cut off from this side of her family when she was very young.  She had a few memories of Rosey, but they were from her first 9 years of life, with no further contact after that time.

Not only was Rosey not childless, and apparently not gay, but she had two daughters and raised a third who was likely a grandchild.  She did cut hair, so at least that part was correct.  😉

Well, that DNA match responded to my message.  We have corresponded over the last year sharing photos, stories, and details.

A few weeks ago, she emailed me and asked if I would like a photo of Rosey for my archive.  !!!



As a very important aside – cousins, I ALWAYS want any photo, story, document, record image, or tidbit you are willing to share.  My email address is on the sidebar over there.  👉🏻  Bring it on, cousins!


I responded that I would very much like to have an image of Rosey for my archive.  She was headed off on an adventure and said she would send it to me when she got back.

She did just that.

When I opened that email and looked at a photo of Rosey, knowing that is was FOR SURE Rosey, well, be still my heart, suddenly this woman I have spent so much time researching and trying to understand has a face.  A beautiful face that looks so much like her sister’s face.

Thank you, dear cousin, for sharing this treasure, and for giving me permission to share it here.  I am so grateful.

And now readers, what do you think?  Is this photo I suspect to be Rosey in 1914 the same woman as the Rosey that I know for sure is Rosey?


Duval - mystery marriage
Possibly Rosey Hyde & Harry Grant Kingham, from the collection of Annie Marie Elvera Duval, niece of Rosey Hyde.



Happy Thursday, I wish you many wonderful cousin connections that lead to the joyful sharing of photos!  xoxo