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Photograph Showcase: Grandma with a Puppy

DUVAL, Deane, 10 August 1936, Martinsdale, Montana.jpg
Deane Alice Duval, 10 August 1936, At Martinsdale, Montana


What a delightful expression on my Grandma’s face!  Such a great smile.  When this photo was taken in August of 1936, my Grandma was just about six weeks past her fourth birthday.

Grandma was always an animal lover.  I think it would be impossible to try to count the number of animals that lived with her over the course of her lifetime, so I won’t try.  But I think this early photo of her enjoying some puppy snuggles is a great indicator of her animal-loving future.

I am also very surprised by how much my Auntie V looks like Grandma in this photo.  They looked so much alike as children but then rather different as adults.

Happily, the back of the photo was labeled by Grandma’s mother:

DUVAL, Deane, 10 August 1936, Martinsdale, Montana - photo back

Thank you, Grandma Estelle!  Your photo labels are fantastic and almost completely make up for your use of cellophane tape on the front of photos to put them in albums, almost.  😉



Happy Thursday!!  Label some photos today.  xoxo