Photograph Showcase: Polaroid Surprise

PETERSON, Amberly, July 1978

I visited my parents over Christmas.  While I was there, my mom and I looked through a few different things and this stray polaroid was mixed in with some other random items.  That is a picture of me that I had never seen before.  I was instantly taken with this image of my cute little toddler self.  There is something special about seeing a picture of yourself for the first time.  A happy discovery for sure!


Hello Friends!


RootsTech was fabulous!

I have so much to say about so many things.  I’ll just start with a few headlines:

  • RootsTech.  Love, love, loved that experience once again.  So much learning!  If you didn’t watch LeVar Burton’s opening session, it is a must see.
  • My missionary son has been gone for 6 months on Friday.  It’s going so fast!  A few photos below.
  • A while back I wrote about a new church responsibility that was keeping me busy.  Well, it happened again.  Only this time I am serving in a busy calling with many, many children – my favorite.  The timing slowed me way down, about 7 weeks before my missionary left.  But I’ve got my sea legs and I’m trying to fit in some old loves once again – like blogging.
  • I have been organizing those piles of letters getting ready to start scanning.  Hooray!
  • I am about to foray into the DNA genealogy world.  I have several people I will be testing over the next few months.  Kits purchased, now it’s time to learn.  Please send any beginner tips you have my way.
  • I may not have been writing about family history, but I’ve still been doing plenty of it.  Which means I have many happy discoveries and tips to share.


Have a wonderful week, I hope you make a fantastic genealogy discovery today!


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RootsTech 2014


Ahhh RootsTech…

It is just within my grasp geographically, but the distance created by my life is keeping me home.  Geographically speaking I am precisely 54.4 miles away from RootsTech.  Life speaking, I am one wiggly toddler, one busy business-owner husband, one teenage basketball player, one last-year-of-elementary-school-child-who-has-to-be-picked-up-everyday-after-school basketball player, 2 basketball games, 1 practice, and one shift at my local Family Search Center away from RootsTech this year.

Next year?

The toddler will be old enough for a few play dates, the hubs can take time off and work from home during nap and play dates, the ball players will just have to do without me coaching a few practices and cheering at a few games, the bus can bring home the junior high kiddo, and I can get a sub for my shift at the Center.

Next year, I am going!

I am still sad about this year though.  I love the hustle and bustle of a good convention.  I love downtown Salt Lake.  I love researching in the FHL.  I would love to attend as many classes as humanly possible.  And I would love to hear Ree Drummond & Stephanie Nielson speak – not because I think they know really very much about genealogy but because I think they are both amazing, interesting, inspiring women.  And who knows?  Maybe they know a lot about genealogy.

Instead I will gratefully partake in the free classes they are streaming live – schedule found here.

Is anyone going?  Wish you were going?  Never heard of RootsTech?

If you are going, have a great time.  Soak up all that genealogical goodness and spread some my way please!