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A Quick Monday Update on My Computer & A New Job



I got my laptop back on Friday night!


Best.  Day.  Ever!!!!

It needed a new hard drive so it’s a bit like having a brand new computer.  Happily, when I logged in to Google, all of my bookmarks and history were instantly back!  I hadn’t been able to see them on my kiddo’s Chromebook so I was nervous about that.

I lost my software – all of my Adobe programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, Reader, and InDesign; and everything else – Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Keynote, iMovie.  Some of those are an easy download, others are a much bigger hassle to reinstall.  I don’t have a disc drive and have to use a USB disc drive which is slow.

The biggest issue I need to tackle ASAP is my new file back up plan to avoid the small losses that had fallen through the cracks of my previous back up plan.

My awesome friend Ashlee showed me how to use Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos.  It seems like the perfect (and easy) fit to fill in my gaps.  I can’t wholeheartedly endorse it yet as I am an Amazon Drive rookie, but I am working on testing it out and making sure it will offer what I need.

So far, it’s looking pretty good.  I love that I can designate specific folders on my laptop (and other devices) to automatically upload into my Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos account.  I also love the huge range of file types they host – basically everything.  And you can’t beat the price!  Unlimited photo storage with a Prime account, which I already have.  Document and video storage (this covers all file types outside of the world of photo file types) is free for 5 GB, $11.99/ year for 100 GB, $59.99/year for 1 TB, and $119.98/year for 2 TB.

The most important feature is that it isn’t creating a backup of your computer, it is storing files you have in certain folders on your computer.  Deleting a file from that folder on my laptop DOES NOT delete that file from my Amazon Drive.  I regularly remove files from my laptop to keep lots of open space and speed, but I don’t want them to be gone from my backups.  Right now, Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos seem like the perfect complement to my current back up and storage plan.

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!


Now, about that new job.

You guys!!  I am super excited to be starting a job as a Research Specialist for F.R.O.M. Research today.  I will be researching from home and completing some fascinating research projects.  The target market is really unique.  (More on that later.)  But for now, just know that I am delighted to be able to work from home a bit more!



Happy Monday, I hope you have a fantastic genealogy week!!  xoxo



8 thoughts on “A Quick Monday Update on My Computer & A New Job”

  1. Great news re the new job Amberly! And what a relief re getting your computer sorted out – although not so yay for all the hassle in getting things set back up again. It goes to show how much we rely on technology these days!

  2. Great news! As I mentioned previously, I got a new computer without a disc drive but had Photoshop WITH a disc drive. I got them on a chat and they added Photoshop to my new computer and I did nothing. All I had to do was provide them with the serial # of the software I had.

    I need to check out Amazon Drive. I have Prime so saved a lot of pictures to their photo storage but have not figured out a good way to put them in different folders.

    1. Yes! I was actually thinking about your previous comment, just haven’t had time to deal with it either way, yet. 🙃

      The organizational tools on Amazon photo are not the best. Amazon drive seems better but I’m still figuring it out. I’m hoping I can figure out an easy way to make it fit my needs. 🤞🏻

    1. Thank you, Su! I discovered I am very reliant on my laptop. I’m grateful for such a fantastic tool but also a wee bit fearful of future issues. I need to budget a computer replacement fund so I’m ready.

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